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Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator-Part time job

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Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Recruit potential volunteers of diverse backgrounds who share concern for the recovery of
victims of sexual assault.
Facilitate 16 hour trainings focused on preparing volunteers to effectively serve as advocates
who provide emotional validation and create opportunities for victim empowerment.
Coordinate efficient scheduling of volunteers and effectively communicate expectations for
performance, particularly the enforcement of relationship boundaries and confidentiality.
Put proactive support mechanisms in place that prevent and, if necessary, address the vicarious
trauma that may be experienced by program volunteers.
Supervise and evaluate all volunteers involved in program services.
Provide professional development and support to volunteers as needed.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities*
An understanding of the complexity of issues faced by victims of sexual assault and a
commitment to providing emotional validation, information for weighing options, and
empowerment for the victims served.
Experience in volunteer supervision and the provision of professional development and support.
Evidence of competence in working with individuals of cultural, economic, and social diversity.
An ability to work independently, direct the work of others and good professional judgment.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Monroe, Wisconsin


Get Connected Icon Volunteers should be between the ages of 18 and 120.
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